ToiletRaiser FAQ
Q: Why would I want to use a ToiletRaiser instead of purchasing a taller toilet?
A: Most ADA toilets range in price from $250 - $350. ToiletRaiser™ is currently being developed for production. And ToiletRaiser can be removed if a lowered toilet is preferred at a later time.
Q: Why would I want to use a ToiletRaiser™ instead of purchasing a thicker toilet seat?
A: Thicker toilet seats have an exposed surface that becomes soiled when used. They can also slide to the side "bucking" off their users and causing possible injury.

Q: Can the ToiletRaiser™ be installed by a homeowner?
A: Anyone who has reset a toilet is capable of installing the ToiletRaiser™. In fact it is easier to install a ToiletRaiser than to reseat a toilet because the ToiletRaiser positions the floor bolts in a vertical and upright position making the seating of the toilet much simpler.
Q: What special tools are required to install a ToiletRaiser™?
A: A hand held scroll saw is all that is all the special equipment that would be recommended. A serrated knife will work instead of the saw.
Q: Is it difficult to cut the ToiletRaiser™ to match its host toilet?
A: No, the material can be cut with a hand held scroll saw. We recommend that the blade be fine and/or dull.
John Corbin

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John Corbin

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